What and Why

For as long as I can remember, my life as been full of right-place-right-time moments. Nothing that would end up on the news- I’ve never escaped from a burning building, lived through a gunfight, or beaten up a shark. I am likewise innocent of any car flipping, barfight instigation, or money laundering (which I suppose is more a career path than a momentary experience.)

I have, however, slept through an eruption of Mount Etna while living on the volcano’s side, “conducted” the Disneyland Band as a child (I asked nicely), been pulled into the kitchen of a restaurant by the waiters to watch the final World Cup match, and I once met boxer Roy Jones, Jr. at a Wafflehouse. A lot of things like that, and stranger. They don’t show any signs of stopping.

I have to tell someone.